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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 19, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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some would, for the most part it is not right and good. >> sean: thank you. appreciate your time that's all the time we have left. let not your heart be troubled. dana for greta to go on the record tonight. >> dana: thanks sean. tonight secretary of state hillary clinton goes on the record with greta from pakistan. i'm dana perino in for greta. tonight one part of greta's interview with secretary clinton. that's minutes away. plus, the obama administration makes a major flip-flop about your health care and your taxes. there is a report on that coming up. but first, troops on the border. is it too little, too late? as the illegal immigration fight continues to explode the obama administration today finally made an announcement. >> today, secretary napolitano announced the active deployment of 1200
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national guard troops on the southwest border. that will begin on august 1st. the efforts of the national guard will be to support the personnel that dhs has increased and placed on the southwest border, since 2009. >> dana: joining me live is robert bonner the former commissioner and u.s. customs pan border protection commissioner and senior partner of sentinel hs group. thank you for joining me commissioner. >> good to be here. >> dana: sir, do you think announcement today by the administration is enough or is it too little, too late? >> i doubt that 1200 national guard troops at the borders, i doubt that's going to have much impact in terms of gaining control of the border. in fact, i don't really think that national guard is the solution. i mean, they aren't really
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trained to do border law enforcement and therefore, they are not likely to have much impact. i think is largely a symbolic gesture when you get down to it. >> dana: can you explain for the viewers, what exactly while these national guard troops be doing when they get there? >> i only know what i read. i think they will be supportingcus tops and border protection -- the border patrol. i'm not sure what they will be doing. i do know from the past, national guard tend to be deployed when they are deployed on a temporary basis. if past is prologue they are not likely to be there long. i agree with secretary napolitano, that the border is more secure now than probably it has ever been, certainly in the last 30, 40 years. but we still don't have control of the border. the united states should have control of its border and it can gain control of its
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border. but it isn't through a token number of national guard troops. >> dana: during your reign we sent of,000 troops down maybe that's attributed to -- sent 6,000 troops down. maybe that's -- i read a wonderful essay you wrote this month. talk to us about what you think is the longer term sustainable solution to this problem? >> terms of controlling the border there are three big things: detection capabilities, the ability to detect all or virtually everybody that intrudes across our border that's important. we are getting better, getting closer, but we are not there yet. second, apprehension. enough border patrol agents with the right equipment and vehicles to be able to apprehend. i won't say everyone, but virtually everybody that illegally tries to cross. the third is, consequences. we have to get away from just
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busing people that apprehended illegally ing our country and violating our law, back to mexico, back to the starting line. there need to be some consequences. we are seeing more u.s. attorneys along the border now take cases from border patrol and prosecute for illegal entry. we need to expand that program. you put those things into place and you also add the clincher to make it more difficult for people that have illegally entered the country to work here. cut off the magnet. you add those things in place and you will control our country's border. we can do it. i think we are moving in the right direction. >> dana: i think one of the things missing is enforcing employers who hire illegal aliens to pay the price for what they've done. >> that's important. there need to be sanctions.
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they need to be enforced. most u.s. employers if they know what the rules are and you have effective e-verify system, they are going to play by the rules. they are not going to hire people illegally here. but we've got to enforce the rules and make it a level playing field for all u.s. employers. that's part of the equation. those are the four pieces. put those into place and we will have actual honest to goodness control of our border. which is a southern country, this is something that we ought to -- which is a sovereign country this is something that we ought to do, need to do. it takes time and effort but we need to continue to move in that direction and get those things done. >> dana: taking a step back if we were to pass comprehensive immigration reform what do you think would change, if anything when it comes to violence at the border especially against our border patrol agents? >> women, first of all, -- well, first of all, comprehensive immigration reform is something we need to
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do. i think it is going to be difficult to get that done politically until we actually control our border. that's the chicken or the egg here. i think there's enough cynicism, public cynicism and i go understand it that we are not going to get it done that we'll go back to the same thing we went through in 1986 with the immigration reform and control act that is, we'll end up with some legalization of a lot of people that are illegally here but we won't end up enforcing the laws and controlling our borders. we need do that. by the way, that's the first thing we need to do. you mentioned dana, the 6,000 national guard, they were at the border. they were there as a stopgap measure. we increased, we've doubled the size of the boarder patrol in five or six years from a little over 10,000 to over 20,000. that's important in terms of getting better security and control of our border.
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>> dana: commissioner, i'm sorry we have to move on. >> that's okay. >> dana: thanks so much. the question now that i would love to ask our next guest is how does this play politically. joining me editor of daily caller tucker carlson. last night you had a package on the hannity special. you've probably been the person that has most recently been to the border compared to all of us. what did you pick up with regard to the political tension? >> first enforcement works, the law works. el paso direct lay cross from the most dangerous city in the western hemisphere, juarez is safe due to the work of the officers onboarder and barriers. we know it -- we know it works. politically it is very popular to enforce border security. democrats in congress, not just blue dogs, have gone to the white houseñ>03 lately and
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said we are getting killed on this question. west sent a clear message that you will be penalized that's the message of the doj suit against arizona. don't bother, don't try to enforce it or else we'll call you racist and sue you. that's an unpopular message with voters. voters want you to enforce border security. >> dana: today the administration has pivoted and their communications are geared more towards arizona, moving assets directly to arizona. i thought it was like the squeaky wheel gets the grease. take knee that senate race=l÷ with mccain and hayworth. what do you think happens at the end of the day on that? >> of course hayworth is coming at it trying to out-flank the sitting senator on the right. mccain has been -- -- he's not
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going to be out-flanked i think he's going to win that race because he has gotten religion on that question. democrats need to win hispanic votes. harry reid particularly in nevada one of the reasons they moved immigration reform up on the calendar. they wanted to scare the heck out of hispanic voters. if they do it too much they risk alienating voters in the middle which they need. hence announcement today of more troops. >> dana: interesting to watch the debate develop. often times there's an inside the beltway out mentality like with health care reform. this seeps to be more outside in. where the states are saying if you done act congress we are going to do. do you think they would try to get a bill done before the midterms? >> no chance. on this question the elites on both sides agree, republicans
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and democrats, the leadership level want to see amnesty. they are both getting pressure by constituencies, republicans by business, democrats by -- average people are not into it. they are not for that, sorry. >> eight states have already filed legal briefings supporting arizona i think there will be more. >> absolutely this is one of the many divides between the states and washington. the states are all break by the way. if you live in d.c. as we do, there's no recession, it is great. >> dana: tucker, thank you. >> thanks. >> dana: next, meet a state rep pushing his state of florida to crackdown. >> can you say flip-flop? looks like president obama just got caught in one. it involves your health care and your taxes. we have a report, next. >> plus, greta goes on the record with secretary of state clinton in pakistan. she covers a lot of issues,
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including the deadly violence raging everyday south of our border with mexico. greta asks clinton is mexico in a war? the answer is very interesting. there's that and much more coming up.
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>> dana: could arizona's immigration law move east to florida? state representative wants the sunshine state to adopt a law like arizona's. he plans to propose the idea in a special session that starts tomorrow. he joins me live, thanks for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> dana: we've heard a lot about the tensions at the border in arizona. we haven't heard a lot about tensions in florida. would you describe the situation there for us? >> well, unlike arizona, which is dealing with its own problem, they have a little over 400,000 illegal immigrants in their state. florida is approaching a
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million illegal immigrants we have a much more porous border we have 1500 miles of coast land to patrol. while you may not see some of the border clashes like you have reported on television, we have a great deal ofish use going on with illegals -- deal of issues going on with illegals in our state. >> dana: tell us about the special session coming up. is it going to be opened up to additional issues like this one? >> any time the legislature convenes for a special session members are free to bring other issues up that are relevant. we cannot think and i cannot think of anything more pressing for our citizens than making sure that we are protecting fundamentally, the security of our border where the obama administration has let us down not providing us with resources necessary, we have to take control of that issue and make sure our economic security is not being threatened by illegals, these criminals that come and take jobs from floridians.
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>> dana: what would be your solution? the obama administration announced they will send national guard troops to the border probably not practical in florida. what would you be asking to do? >> we approached this from a measured common sense standpoint i filed three bills to be heard in the special session i hope we have our leaders step forward and do a gut-check and understand this is what the public wants. the first one gives our police officers our state and local law enforcement, the ability that when they make a lawful stop or an arrest, they have the ability to verify the legal status in this country. it authorizes their use of the e-verify system. the second bill requires that state agencies before they provide public assistance benefits, check using the e-verify system and other means to determine legal status. the third requires before an
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individual can seek employment and obtain a job as an employee of the state of florida they have to have their legal status verified through e-verify. >> dana: arizona has taken some heat and gotten support. what have you been hearing in the last 48 hours as you have made this announcement? >> well, the bill we filed a week ago and we've been submitting it and circulating it among our colleagues for the past week in anticipation of the special session. the feedback we get from those who read it and understand the bills has been supportive. folks that have spent the time to listen and read what the bills are all about understand this is a common sense approach to a serious problem. it is something that is a measured approach at this juncture for the special session. it is not intended to be the be all solution. there are many other issues that we still need to
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confront. for example the employer penalties and such. we are not trying to tackle those now. this is a very important first step to getting florida an a step ahead of the other states that are confronting similar issues but florida's problem growing by the day. >> dana: representative amber, thank you. >> thank you for having me on. >> dana: next, the obama administration flip-flopped on one of the biggest issues from the heated health care debates. this involves your taxes. a report is next. then secretary of state clinton goes on the record with greta in pakistan. greta asks does the people in the pakistani government know where osama bin laden is? the answer might surprise you. we believe you're at your best when you can truly be yourself.
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dane breaking news about an agriculture department official caught on record making controversial comments. shirley rod mate these comments march 27th.
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>> dana: hours ago the agriculture department announced that sherrod has resigned. vilsack condemned the remarks. the video adds fuel to a growing controversy. after the naacp approved a resolution condemning the tea party movement for not condemning racist members. stay with fox news for the latest. >> isn't it funny how things change? the obama administration flip-flopped on a major part of the health care over call. individual man kate that required each american to bit health insurance or pay a penalty. listen closely to the president in september of 2009. >> the president: for us to say that you've got to take responsibility to get health insurance is absolutely not a tax increase. what it is saying is, we are not going to have other people carrying your burdens for you. any more than the fact that
10:22 pm
right now everybody in america just about has to get auto insurance. nobody considers that a tax increase. >> dana: guess what? now the justice -- justice department is singing a different tune defending the mandate in court as part of the government's power to collect taxes. steve moore joins us. i wonder, do you think george stephanopoulos deserves an apology? >> i think he does. we all remember that dane i remember it. in some ways it was humiliating for george stephanopoulos. >> yet, what the president and the white house in this court decision are saying is absolutely it is a tax. therefore, we have the authority to lay this -- to levee this tax on the american people. it is a complete flip-flop. how do you square the circle a year ago saying it is not a
10:23 pm
tax now arguing to the courts that it is. dane dan and being so offended that -- >> dana: and being so offended that someone would call it a tax. >> two reasons why the president didn't want this to be called a tax americans don't like taxes. remember the central promise that barack obama made during his campaign in 2008: i will not raise taxes on people who make less than $200,000. turns out this fee or tax, whatever you want to call it the people who are impacted are middle class and lower income folks. now the administration has to make the case to the courts this is a tax, because the federal government has almost unlimited taxing power. the white house saying this is basically a tax we are imposing on people therefore we have the authority to do it. >> dana: one of the central questions was, is this constitution ? >> exactly.
10:24 pm
dane people who questioned the constitutionality were ridiculed. >> it is interesting, the states were saying you don't have the to compel people to buy insurance. a lot of people thought the white house would use what is called the commerce clause provision to say have the authority. they are not using that. they are saying this is a tax we can impose any tax we want on the american people. >> dana: a bait and switch? >> no question. >> dana: there's been other bait and switches throughout this implementation. another one is having to do with the famous quote from the president if you like the health care that you have, you are going to be able to keep it. how is that holding up? >> a story today finds a lot of these insurers are saying maybe unobama care we are not going to allow you to use the doctor or hospital of your choice. what is happening the costs of this program are accelerating rapidly. it has only been a few months since the law has been in effect. the companies are saying the
10:25 pm
only way we can keep the premiums down is restricting the hospitals and doctors that patients can see. that's a big sort of lie to what obamacare was about. the president said repeatedly you will be able to keep your doctor and hospital. >> dane i all the thought once the law was passed the imitation was harder they don't have the resources and all of these shoes were going to drop. are there other shoes about to drop? >> good question. i think what we are starting to see -- the biggest fabrication of obamacare to me, was the idea that you could cover 25 to 30 million additional americans with government insurance and it was going to save money. i think we are going to start to see in the course shortly, that's a big lie in fact, the costs are going to accelerate, accelerate. i think the evidence of all these things when you add them up, i think there's a growing move to repeal this. before it really gets going.
10:26 pm
because the costs are accelerating so out of control. you are ceiling these in the congressional campaign adds. >> dana: how do you think it will effect the 2010 elections? >> remember the administration thought people would like this plan as soon -- they thought politics would play the opposite once in place people would like it. we are finding the opposite. the more people find out how it is going to work the less they like it. it is a big campaign issue. >> dana: we'll see if george gets his apology many >> i don't that i is forthcoming, but he should demand it. >> dana: next secretary of state clinton goes on the record with greta in pakistan. greta gets answers to tough questions. that and much more, next. >> then, comedienne kathy griffin makes a personal attack against senator brown's daughters. now the ladies on the view are in the middle of it.
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to sle in their big comfy bs. [ giggles ] tell her it's for the hi-speed internet. ♪ [ female announcer ] free hot breakfast. big comfyeds. free high-speed internet. quality hotels. a lot. for a little. >> dana: now secretary of state hillary clinton goes on the the record with greta. secretary clinton is in the middle of a trip to afghanistan and pakistan. greta was fortunate to travel with her. she sat down with the secretary in pakistan a country receiving a 7 1/2 million dollar commitment that
10:30 pm
our country has made to pakistan over the next five years. >> greta: madame secretary nice to see you. this is our second trip with you. >> it is thank you for coming along. >> greta: no secret we have horrible economic problems at home. how do you convince the american people that spending money here in pakistan is something we want to do? >> i think there's three ways to make the case. number one this is where the principle terrorist threats to the united states emanates from. we've seen some foiled attacks, thank goodness in the last several months that have just demonstrated that. we have to have a much closer cooperative relationship with pakistan. we have to prevent afghanistan from falling into a failed state that can then be a bigger danger to us. that costs money. secondly, if you really think about how much money it costs us, as a society, after 9/11, it was an incredible economic
10:31 pm
hit. terrorism on top of an economic challenge would be devastating for us. therefore, we have to stay on our toes and try to prevent that from happening. thirdly, i think that the long term benefit of having positive relationships in this part of the world is good for our economy as well. we have an export initiative that president obama has announced. we want to double exports. we need to open up markets. how do you open markets? you raise standards of living. eliminate insecurity so people can buy the things that the united states produces. terrorism, economy, greater access to markets, all of that makes sense to me. >> greta: the security issue, it seems americans really want security. we recently had the incident in times square which originated in this country. are we getting ahead of the game? is our money paying off in
10:32 pm
terms of getting security? we've had this recent event. we see violence all the time in this country. >> the pakistanis themselves are paying a big price because of it. they've had so many deaths due to bombings that these terrible terrorists networks impose upon the people of pakistan. their military has lost a lot of people in fighting this is tough. i'm not going to sit and tell you that it is not. boy do i think it would be a mistake to walk away. we've done that. we've walked away from pakistan andafter in the past with all the cons dank dan -- and afghanistan in the past with all the consequences we are aware of. >> greta: you think it would be worse for us from a security standpoint? >> i do. we are building a relationship that did not economist. i stayed in our last trip, we had a huge trust deficit. because the united states had to be fair, we helped to crea the problem we are now fighting.
10:33 pm
>> greta: how? >> when the soviet union invaded afghanistan which had this brilliant idea we were going to come to pakistan and create a force of huge -- a force of mujahedeen to go after the soviets inside afghanistan and we were successful the soviets left and we said great, good-bye. leaving these trained people, who were fanatical, in afghanistan and pakistan, leaving them well armed, creating a mess, frankly, that at the time we didn't really recognize, we were just so happy to see the soviet union fall and we thought fine we are okay now everything is going to be so much better. now you look back. the people we are fighting today, we were supporting in the fight the soviets. >> greta: is there some sense of a win for us in the sense that we see all these casualties? we see casualties going up in afghanistan. if we had osama bin laden that would inspire the american
10:34 pm
people to feel much more committed to this project. do you believe the pack tan any government knows where osama bin laden is? >> i think elements in the government do. i've said that before. it is also important for your viewers to know. we've been getting with pakistani, cooperation a lot of the top leadership of al-qaeda. we haven't gotten bin laden or zawahiri. but we've consistently been able to track and kill a lot of their principal leadership. there's a story to be told here not yet what i want it to be. as having been a senator from new york on 9/11, i want those guys. i will not be satisfied until we get them. but we've made a lot of progress. and we've created a closer cooperative relationship between the united states and pakistan, in going after what are now common enemies. >> greta: now we have the situation in uganda. we have another terrorist
10:35 pm
group looks like terrorism is going global again in another area. are we in any way going to get involved in that? >> we have supported what is called the african union mission which uses ugandan troops and troops from burundi the recent why they went after the people in kampala is uganda has been going after them inside somalia. we have been fully supportive of that. we are not contemplating u.s. forces. we want to support africans fighting for africa and we will continue to support those who will take on al-shabaab no longer a threat inside somalia, but spreading beyond that. >> greta: you said some elements of the pack tan any government know where -- of the pakistani government know where osama bin laden is? >> i believe that. >> greta: why do you believe that? >> if i put myself into a
10:36 pm
position of leadership in our own government and if in were a terrorist network operating somewhere even in the most remote place in the united states, some sheriff, some local state policeman, somebody in our collective government would probably know that there was something suspicious going on that's why i assume, somebody, somebody in this government, from top to bottom, does know where bin laden is. i'd like to know too. >> greta: can't we leverage our money or anything to get that information? he's 6'5, not easy to hide. >> we are learning it. >> greta:oj are we getting closer? >> i don't want to put a proximity or timeline on it. as i've said we have gotten closer because we've been able to kill a number of their trainers, their operational people, their finance seas -- we've been able to do that, i won't be satisfied until we
10:37 pm
get it done. >> greta: does the pakistani government say secretary clinton we are going to get him for you? >> top levels of the government say they don't know. it would similar again if somebody walked into my office and said do you know where bad guy in the next carolina tell is on our side of the border? i would say i don't know. but i assume somebody knows. i think we've got to keep pressure on, which we are doing. remember, we inherited a situation with such mistrust between the united states and pakistan, that it takes day-by-day confidence-building. we've been doing that. i think we have a lot to show with the strategic dialogue i got started where we've had a lot of american government officials coming and meeting with their counterparts in pakistan. it is not just a good relationship at the top. you have to go through the bureaucracy to go back to my example, about if i said who is it who knows where the mexican cartel leader is?
10:38 pm
somebody must know. it is somebody in the bowels of the bureaucracy. you have to set a new tone, you have to set a new sense of direction and authority. i think that is happening. >> greta: you mentioned mexico. last week we were with secretary napolitano in texas/ mexico border. i've traveled with you to mexico as well. is there a war going on in mexico? >> well, there certainly is an armed struggle going on. so far the cartels have not been trying to overthrow the mexican government. although they are trying to seize and hold territory to operate their drug activities. >> greta: you don't call it a war? >> i don't want to get into semantics. this is a conflict against really bad people. these mexican cartel leaders are the most ruthless people. you talk about terrorism in pakistan, look at these people, they behead victims, kidnap children, they indiscriminately
10:39 pm
kill groups of people. they are just as bad as any terrorist groups. they are in it for money instead of ideology, but what is the different, they are violent, vile, violators of human rights and human life. call it a war, conflict, struggle, whatever, we have to help the mexican government defeat these people and take back control of their country, so they are not living in fear of what these cartels and their leaders will do. >> greta: right on our border eye >> yes, right. >> dana: tomorrow night part 2. this time they will be in afghanistan. clinton is attending an important until conference and greta is getting you the inside story. don't miss part 2, tomorrow night 10 p.m. eastern. here's a look at what is coming up after this show. bill: bob schieffer admits he didn't know anything about the black panther scandal. and vice president biden on the tea party and racism on
10:40 pm
the factor. >> dana: o'reilly at 11. we are live until the top of the hour. >> next is there a top secret america? a national security report sending ripples through washington. one of the authors is with me, next. then greta takes you behind the scenes on her trip to pakistan and afghanistan, minutes away. ♪
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you could be picking up this tab yourself. so get allstate. [ dennis ] dollar for dollar, nobody protects you from mayhem like allstate. transform plain old ribs into these fall-off-the-bone honey bbq ribs. the secret's in the sauce, made with campbell's french onion soup. for these delicious ribs and dozens more sizzling summer recipes, visit . >> dana: there's much more ahead. first let's go to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: the latest reports from the gulf confirm oil and gas are leaking from bp's ruptured well. the government's point man on the scene retired coast guard admiral thad allen insists the leaks are no cause for alarm. -- alarm. he sees seepage two miles from the well are probably not related to the rupture. crews are prepared to reopen the cap should there be a sudden rise in pressure.
10:44 pm
>> the senate getting ready to vote tomorrow for extending unemployment benefits that might happen if the senator replacing the late robert byrd votes along party lines. with his appointment democrats getting the 60 votes required. republicans say extending the benefits will add to the deficit. president obama said it is time to do what is right. i'm ainsley earhart now back to dana perino with on the record. >> dana: a much hyped report by the "washington post" gives stunning details about a top secret america. the first install -- installment of a two year -- i might be the own person in washington that pronounces your name right. two years in the making tell us if you can what you found? >> we found it has grown so big this community of top secret america that it is
10:45 pm
supposed to help respond to 9/11, it is almost crushing under its own weight. we found that about 2,000 companies, corporations, help the government do top secret work. and another maybe 1300 government organizations are involved in the work also. that's not bad in and of itself. what we found also and documented this, we find an alternative geography of the united states we looked at patterns and found there's a lot of redundancy and overlap and inefficiencies that really grew up because the money spigot was on and there was not a real focus on perhaps what's the best thing to do. people who had ideas could go out and do it, organizations would grow and they did. washington bureaucracy tends to do. now, people inside the government say it is perhaps become too unwielding. we can't manage it like we
10:46 pm
should. all of the progress that has been made, information sharing and other ways getting burdened by the size of it. they don't know how big it is. how many people work in it. how much it costs. and how many organizations are doing the same thing. >> dana: i was surprised congress hasn't passed an authorization bill in five years. do you think your story might change that? >> i don't know. these are committees with a lot of special interests themselves. you are right, congress is part of this. especially in intelligence where the press doesn't have a lot of insight and the public can't know much about it, because so much is classified that puts the burden on congress. congress doesn't have a thorough oversight mechanism, it doesn't have a lot of people that have the expertise to dig into these -- >> dana: a lot of funding has come through one year
10:47 pm
supplement tams many you can't hire permanent workers for those positions that's why they are relying on contractors. >> right, the bush administration thought this is way to do it quickly. we don't want to grow permanent government but we want more people on this problem. >> >> dana: we have to. >> we'll make it contractors. perhaps that was fine the first several years now it has continued that way. now administration at least says, contractors are not cheaper that federal employs are 25% cheaper. now you have to get congress to say raise the ceiling caps on permanent employees. something that is not -- >> dana: not likely to do it before the end of this year. >> they are doing it slowly in the intelligence bill and other appropriations. nobody wants to say we are going to grow the size of government. >> dana: what about the next two installments? i won't see you tomorrow night or the next night. quickly could you tell us what they are? >> tomorrow, which will be on our web night a couple of hours.
10:48 pm
we have the story of contractors. not security contractors you have read about in iraq. it is about how embedded they've become in every aspect of intelligence and how the government is definitely dependent maybe in an unhealthy way. we have interviews with secretary gates and cia director panetta who both say this is a problem. dane dan and john negroponte will be on this morning talking about this. thanks. >> next, comedienne kathy griffin rips senator brown's daughters. the ladies of the view are they laughing? fan out. >> looks like alvin greene is going to run. what did he say in his first campaign speech? i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with headache. alka-seltz gives you relief fast. [ low male ] plop, plop. [ high male ] fizz, fizz.
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>> dana: you've seen our top stories here's the best of the rest. the ladies of "the view" are diving head first into a controversy with kathy griffin and scott brown. the controversial comedienne referred to the senator's daughters as prostitutes. not everyone thought the joke was funny. >> not really funny. i know his daughters and they are anything but that. here's the thing -- no, no, no we've always said politicians' kids are off-limits if someone went around calling barack obama's two girls prosecutes people would be up in arms. kathy griffin got up on -- >> you are right. >> are you justifying what kathy griffin said about the two young girls? >> it is not just a joke. we said off-limits. everyone said off-limits get in line and cut it out. >> i agree. >> i'm not justifying. i'm an growing. >> let me finish. >> i'm saying kathy griffin, when you give kathy griffin
10:53 pm
fire like what we are doing now. she likes it. >> kathy griffin is a mass murderer, did i just hear that? >> if somebody talked about my daughter, a joke like that, i would beat their ass. >> >> dana: note to self, do not mess with whoopi's family. >> alvin greene makes his first campaign speech in south carolina. he came out of nowhere. meaning no website, no speeches, no anything to grab the democratic nomination. in his first stump speech he hit his bullet points and even tried to crack some jokes. >> i'm the best candidate in the united states senate race here in south carolina. i am also the best candidate for the -- i'm also the best choice for the image award next year.
10:54 pm
>> dana: well, we'll see how he does. there you have it, the best of the rest that was quite a speech he gave. still ahead, you go behind the scenes on greta's trip to pakistan and afghanistan she is always getting the inside story even if she has to go all the way to pakistan to do it. greta is next.
10:55 pm
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10:58 pm
there is a way she's going to get you inside story. her trip to pakistan and afghanistan is no different. watch these clips of her reporting live on greta wire. >> i'm able to send this to my blog and do like live television. from where? >> where are we now? >> ireland here. on the first flight of the journey of many stops. >> okay. >> this is live. ready? ready? okay. so good evening. >> good evening. >> are you enjoying your flight? >> no. >> how is your seat. did you pick a good seat? >> i picked a terrible seat. i never pick a good seat. >> i picked a lucky five. >> then, some people are unlucky seats for injuries right? >> injuries? >> if you're an injury when you get on this plane, by the
10:59 pm
time you get off, there is an injury. the airport has a good job of finding more nutritious food. they're very kind. >> felt like a cruise ship. they kept serving meals. did you eat both meals? >> no. >> i didn't, either. >> this is a hooch. this is where we're staying in afghanistan. here is, this is quite luxurious. there are two cots. there are instructions on the wall for you hooch dwellers. what else? what else? only media shows thu type of stuff. where the media stays and shows up in afghanistan. based in kabul. >> that is the last call. greta will be streaming throughout the trip and you can get a tweet. just sign up to follow her. d


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